It’s Back To School

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School suppliesSchool is right around the corner and It’s easy to overlook your child’s vision needs when your shopping for clothes and school supplies.  Don’t forget to schedule an eye exam to give your little prodigy the best chance to learn and excel in academics with perfect vision.  Flores Optometry offers various eyewear brands such as Nike, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Juicy Couture and Guess.  We fit all shapes and sizes from little faces in Pre-K to the studious college student.  Don’t forget the coating options on your lens for the best vision possible.  With the use of whiteboards in classrooms, the light from PC’s and mobile devices students use everyday, it’s important to reduce glare and block as much blue light as possible.  Don’t put it off, get your child ahead of the curve and make an appointment today.a school girl