Happy Halloween from Flores Optometry!

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halloween-72937__180Happy Halloween everyone!  What an exciting time for kids of all ages to dress up in costume and trick or treat the night away!  Lets not forget about adults who enjoy par-taking in the ghoulish activities into late hours of the night.  A lot of time and effort goes into making your costume the winner at the soiree you plan to attend.  Every possible option makes a difference, from masks, wigs, props and cosmetic contacts.  But lets not forget when using colorful contacts, always follow the rules your Optometrist and trained opticians have explained to you about your contact lens and hygiene.  Be careful when ordering on line, as many contacts are not FDA approved and may be harmful to your eyes.  Always research the product and check with your Optometrist before ordering. If any problems occur, make an appointment with your eye zombie-326015__180doctor as soon as possible. So, be safe and have fun.